Wednesday, September 24, 2014


if my blog were a dog itd probably be dead cus i havent paid much attention to it in a few weeks...or a month. oops. but CHANGE is happening around here with our little family and we've been mighty busy!!

  • I GOT A JOB! this is huge cus i was totally in need of one. so yay! i got a job as a receptionist for an awesome company and i absolutely love it. love the people i work with and REALLY love the pay. haha
  • TREY HAS A NEW JOB TOO! this is great also. he is doing something he loves with an awesome company and we are both makin money! big deal! 
  • we moved! maybe ill make a separate blog post about this cus its important to us. were living now with my parents  and we are loving it. 
  • Trey has officially declared his major and is doing so well in school. and im so proud of him for doing something big with his smart brain! 
  • we got wedding pictures! ill also have to overload this blog with those. 
  • trey had a birthday and is now 23. weird. and i turned 22 & don't like it. ill continue to pretend im just 21 ;)
  • football season is over & my brothers had an amazing season. Wrestling season is starting so bring on the stinky gyms. the change here is that our date night has turned into watching my brothers & I can't complain. 
dont you love how life is always changing. i sure do. it makes it fun. we love love love that new things are happening. married life is the best when i have my best friend to handle all these changes. working all day and not seeing trey is hard but i figure we have our whole lives to look forward to so its not that bad !