Saturday, November 29, 2014

Princess Pictum!

Growing up I always wanted to be a mom & I am so excited that is happening! Since I haven't blogged in FOREVER I have so much to catch up on but I figured I'd share the biggest thing, our sweet baby girl. We found out we were expecting on September 20th! My father in laws birthday. I guess if you really don't care about the details you could just skip this post- but that morning was the morning I could officially take a pregnancy test so as soon as I woke up I took the test & bam- two lil lines. Pregnant. I called trey into the bathroom & he freaked telling me I need to tell him before I take a test so he could be prepared. Hahaha but done deal! I took two more tests that day & I was indeed prego. We both were so excited but immediately so overwhelmed & nervous & a million emotions come so quick. We would be responsible for a tiny human! That's huge. We told our families the following day & they were all super excited also. We went to the doctor to confirm our baby & got to hear the heartbeat & see our baby. The doctor confirmed it was just one, bummer. & I got blood work done. 

We decided to share our news with everyone at just 8 weeks- which everyone else thinks is very early but we talked about it as a couple & felt that our baby was a baby & we already had so much love for this baby & we wanted people to know that. I had an AWESOME first trimester. Had almost zero morning sickness. No throwing up rocked. I thank my genetics. Haha my mom never got sick & I am super grateful. I am just beyond tired all the time. That's getting better everyday & I'm finally feeling a little bit more energized. 

We had genetic testing at 12 weeks & found out that we were having a girl & I was literally SHOCKED. I thought for sure we were having a boy. But I couldn't be happier about our little princess. 

As of now I am 14 weeks tomorrow! The weeks go so fast & the due date is June 2nd. We love this little babe SO much already. I love being pregnant. Honestly. Trey is the cutest ever & is dealing with me being moody very well. This baby is already spoiled & so loved. We have a name but won't share that for awhile. For now she will be Princess Pictum! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


if my blog were a dog itd probably be dead cus i havent paid much attention to it in a few weeks...or a month. oops. but CHANGE is happening around here with our little family and we've been mighty busy!!

  • I GOT A JOB! this is huge cus i was totally in need of one. so yay! i got a job as a receptionist for an awesome company and i absolutely love it. love the people i work with and REALLY love the pay. haha
  • TREY HAS A NEW JOB TOO! this is great also. he is doing something he loves with an awesome company and we are both makin money! big deal! 
  • we moved! maybe ill make a separate blog post about this cus its important to us. were living now with my parents  and we are loving it. 
  • Trey has officially declared his major and is doing so well in school. and im so proud of him for doing something big with his smart brain! 
  • we got wedding pictures! ill also have to overload this blog with those. 
  • trey had a birthday and is now 23. weird. and i turned 22 & don't like it. ill continue to pretend im just 21 ;)
  • football season is over & my brothers had an amazing season. Wrestling season is starting so bring on the stinky gyms. the change here is that our date night has turned into watching my brothers & I can't complain. 
dont you love how life is always changing. i sure do. it makes it fun. we love love love that new things are happening. married life is the best when i have my best friend to handle all these changes. working all day and not seeing trey is hard but i figure we have our whole lives to look forward to so its not that bad !

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

oh wisdom teeth!

dont you LOVE old videos?! these are my all time favorite and this happened two years ago so i thought id share again. fun fact: i showed trey these on our FIRST DATE. what in the literal hell was i thinking?! 

& this is continuing from the second video.

Monday, August 18, 2014

& it begins...

I contemplated for days now what exactly I wanted to start our new blog with. Pictures? Videos? Q&A? I decided to share a video that was shown at my bridal shower. It is questions and answers, a good laugh and a tad inappropriate? maybe? hahah This video was made to show how well we knew each other before the wedding. I'd say we did pretty good. Well I, or WE are so excited about starting a new blog. 

We are excited for this blog. It will be full of our lives, stories, love and all that comes with that.