Tuesday, April 28, 2015

10 weeks later......

this is the most recent pic of my baby bump at my cousins birthday party. 

after 10 weeks of not blogging i figured it time to update this (mostly for myself) but here we go. I AM 35 WEEKS TODAY. how how how did that happen? i am literally shocked that i only have 5 weeks until my due date- ONE week until i can stop taking my medication and let these contractions- that i am still having- happen without slowing them down, and possibly have a baby! too much craziness.

Baby is the size of: a coconut- she should be weighing anywhere between 4 & 5 lbs! she is also getting longer and longer- 17-18 in?! that is crazy to me. 

Maternity clothes: duh. thank heavens for my best friend- kaycee gave me bags of maternity clothes! its starting to get hot and i am ready to be able to just wear shorts that dont have a maternity band around them. 

Sleep: 3rd trimester insomnia has hit me hard. i can be so tired at night and i dont fall asleep until atleast 3 or 4 am. naps are great but naps mean no night time sleep. 

Movement: she moves like crazy. most people have seen her move or felt her. she is always stretching and pushing from two sides of my stomach and is either high in my ribs or low low low in my hip bones. 

Best moment of the week: i FINALLY have most of my hospital bag packed. it is still missing some stuff buttttt we are making progress with it actually being in a bag.  

Miss anything: i am totally missing sleeping on my stomach, laying on my stomach to be on my laptop, & laying on my stomach to watch tv. i also miss RAW RAW RAW sushi. 

Food Cravings: nothing ever really sounds good. which is getting annoying. i could chew on ice all day long tho. 

Anything make you queasy: i mentioned how i love to chew on ice- well two times while i have been chewing on ice i have vomited. cute. but i keep doing it. 

Am I showing: of course. this baby shows up in a room about 3 seconds before the rest of my body. 

Wedding rings: i can still wear it- my hands are occasionally swollen but it still fits.   

Weight Gain: ive gained like 20 lbs total i think. 

Stretch marks: i have some no matter how much ive tried to avoid them 

Happy or moody: i am happy and moody. i am totally over being pregnant. HA! but i am so grateful for my pregnancy. i really do love being pregnant but i am ready for this babygirl to be here. 

here are just two of the maternity pics i took with my cousin cambrie. i love them!