Thursday, January 29, 2015

Not Exactly Planned.

Well-  I have once again slacked on my poor blog. But now is a good time to update! Lots of friends and family know that we were in the hospital so I really wanted to write this all down before I forget anything.

Yesterday around 11- I was experiencing some bleeding and before any one freaks out- it wasn't SO much, but definitely enough to where I concerned and called one of the nurses at my doctors office. I was also having weird cramping. The nurse told me to go to Summerlin Hospital and head the the labor and delivery to get monitored- she told me it could be nothing- constipation or just her moving- but better to be safe than sorry. I headed home and met Trey then we both drove over to the hospital. we got there at 2 o clock and they right away hooked me up to the monitors. One to monitor the baby and one to monitor and see if I was having any contractions.

At first- the nurse at the hospital looked at the charts from the contraction screens and didn't say anything. I knew something was up because if they weren't happening she would have told me. While this was all happening Trey was sitting next to me- I'm sure beyond nervous. The labor doctor came in to see me and told me that I was having contractions and that they were gonna have a high risk doctor come in to see what exactly was happening. Before the high risk doctor came- I got my blood drawn and got hooked up to an IV. Trey gave me a blessing- which was a huge comfort and then the high risk doctor got there. He did an ultrasound and a cervix check and thankfully my cervix was still closed. He said everything looked fine but my contractions were about every 10-15 minutes and that made them worry. I got two injections to slow the contractions down but that shot also made my heart pound so hard. Trey could see it moving in my chest. I was grateful that the entire time I was laying in the hospital bed Trey was by my side and baby girl was moving like crazy. The injections made my contractions drop to 3-4 in an hour so they decided to send me home with medication after 7 hours of being monitored. They also ordered bed rest for a few days to make sure that the baby is good. The medication I am on has slowed the contractions down- I can totally still feel them but they are significantly slower. We certainly did not plan that for our Wednesday night but thank goodness for modern medicine, awesome nurses and doctors, and prayers. Bed rest to say the least sucks. It sounds so nice- laying in bed all day- but its actually terrible. haha I really hate not being able to get up and go somewhere if i want to. But Trey stayed home from work today- which was awesome. I am glad that Babygirl and I are okay.

Now- for a bump date! I am officially 22 weeks and 3 days today!

Baby is the size of: a papaya. Yesterday at the hospital they did an ultrasound and she is actually HUGE. she is measuring at 23 weeks and 5 days. The doctor also told us she weighs 1 lb and 5 oz. She's growing quick and healthy! YAY! 
Maternity clothes: I have yet to buy any. Thankfully my clothes still fit. Lots look weird but WHATEVER- don't really care that much. 
Sleep: is getting worse- especially with this medicine. The medication makes my heart POUND and it makes it really hard to sleep. Oh and i cannot sleep longer than 4 hours without having to get up to pee. 
Movement: We have decided our daughter is a total spazzzzz. She moves like crazy. During the monitoring we could hear her move around and it was crazy. She is totally nuts. Trey constantly has his hand on my stomach and can feel her move a lot. 
Best moment of the week: Know that she is okay. Contractions and hospital time was scary- but thank goodness she's healthy. 
Miss anything: right now- moving around. hahaha bed rest is just no fun. 
Food Cravings: Slurpees. that is really my only craving anymore. So much food always sounds good- but nothing that I just HAVE to have. 
Anything make you queasy: I have been queasy today- but I think its just the medicine. Other than that not really.

Am I showing: oh of course. She's only getting bigger. 

Wedding rings: Still on! yay! 
Weight Gain: i've gained like 13 pounds so far the entire time.  
Stretch marks: Trey found one today :( on my scar from my surgery in the philippines. Its pretty small tho. 

Happy or moody: Im happy. nothing to be moody about :) 

Looking forward to: Our doctors appt tuesday. 

Last week I looked like this. 

And this was today. She's just huge. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Bumpdate! 19 weeks!

Baby is the size of: a freaking mango. And I didn't really think that was big until another source told me she is as big as a tomato. A big tomato. 6 in long & .5 lbs. she's growing quick! 
Maternity clothes: my mother in law bought me a pair of maternity jeans. I haven't tried them out yet. I can still fit most of my clothes. I live in leggings anyway :) and once it gets a little warmer I will just live in dresses. oh & do bras count? I had to buy new ones :( 
Sleep: it's getting so hard. I normally sleep on my stomach but adjusting to side sleeping isn't easy. & I'm still getting up constantly to pee. I have tried unisom- a sleeping aide my doctor said is safe and it did NOTHING at all for me. I still woke up constantly.
Movement:I feel her ALL the time. & I love it!! I felt her for the first time about a week ago but wasn't positive if it was actually her. I can't wait until Trey and family can feel her move!
Best moment of the week: we have organized some of her clothes & dresses. We are really blessed with awesome family who have given us so much already! Baby stuff is so freaking cute I can't handle it.
Miss anything: I miss stretching my back. Hahah it's hard to bend backward when my stomach doesn't stretch anymore. I miss raw yummy sushi SO much. A rainbow roll sounds amazing.
Food Cravings: slurpees all the time. Even if it's freezing outside. Pizza from anywhere. Onions. I hate onions & seriously crave the purple ones. SO weird.
Anything make you queasy: sometimes the smell of random stuff. Dishes. I didn't really have morning sickness so that helps.

Am I showing: totally. I feel like I popped really early but then I remember that this baby could easily be on the very tall side considering her dad is 6'4.

Wedding rings: still on. I'm hoping I don't swell too much so they can stay on. Wishful thinking. 
Weight Gain: don't know. Nor do I really care. I'll tone it up after the baby comes. 
Stretch marks: none so far. I am working on preventing them!
Happy or moody: totally happy until I have to wake up to go to work. Sleeping all day sounds glorious.

Looking forward to: setting up her crib and planning the baby shower. 

Being pregnant is the most amazing thing. I literally can't believe how fast it is going. Thinking that I'll hit my half way mark on Monday is pretty crazy. Thanks to Marley for making pictures fun. :)