Friday, February 20, 2015

Bumpdate! 25 WKS!

Is it possible that I am this far along already? I am really grateful for modern medicine & the fact that my sweet baby is still healthy. This update is a few days late but that's okay. I am still on medication & still having really bad contractions. I am not cleared to work so it's really boring at home but as long as I'm doing whatever the doctor tells me I guess it's alright with me. My face in this picture explains it right. My contractions are painful. I always have a backache & I just about never get ready. It's great. 

Baby is the size of: a large cauliflower. is that a head of cauliflower? well shes getting huge. she is measuring big. almost 2 pounds and really long! 

Maternity clothes: "bed rest/house arrest" means i dont normally get dressed. cool. but i do have some maternity jeans. just because they are more comfy. i really just want dresses cus it is already way too hot in vegas and only feb :(

Sleep: sleeping is pretty much great or sucky. i pee about 1093538 times every night so thats great. plus i am having strong contractions that wake me. while i am sleeping tho it is sufficient. 

Movement: she is so nuts. she moves a lot and kicks or punches like crazy. mostly up by my ribs or really low causing me to have to pee immediately. its the most surreal feeling 

Best moment of the week: i had my glucose test- which totally suck but best part is its over! 

Miss anything: i miss work. a lot. i really love my job so it really stinks im not able to work right now. 

Food Cravings: lately i have been craving mexican food. chips and salsa. tacos. quesadillas. oh and raising canes. 

Anything make you queasy: my medication for my contractions sometimes. 

Am I showing: very much so. my belly is measuring 2 weeks bigger and my baby is measuring one week big. so thats great. 

Wedding rings: im still wearing it. i take it off at night and actually lately my fingers are really skinny. weird so its kinda big.  

Weight Gain: not sure in total. i feel like i havent gained TOOO much. 

Stretch marks: i still just have one. it looks like harry potters scar and its really red :( 

Happy or moody: both. sometimes i am so happy and sometimes i am really frustrated that my pregnancy isnt going as i planned. but thats life and im just glad the baby is healthy.