Monday, September 28, 2015

Lexa [3 month update]

so i basically do these month updates AFTER she has turned the following month to show what she has been doing as a three month old if you can pick up what im throwin down. Lexa being three months old has been our busiest month yet. Trey started school again (YAY that means we are closer to finishing & even closer to law school!) we went to Colorado to visit my brother Jacob, i am still working, we got into two accident- it has been a stressssful time but always finding the joy in the journey ya dig?

weight: 15.5 SHE IS HUGE
length:i honestly have no idea- if i had to guess i would say aroudn 24 inches
clothes size:  3 month. 6 month PJs 
hair: the hair is finally growing!!!! it is the cutest ever. its pretty brown for the most part but looks extremely light in the sun. 
eyes:still blue- i think they will turn green tho. 
sleeping:she is still a great lil sleeper. she still falls asleep with a pacifier and is obsessed with her dumbo. she sleeps most of the night in her crib until i go to work then i put her in bed with her dad. 
eating: she is still nursing and eats really well. she totally has a bad intolerance to dairy and will have stomach issues if i eat it :( 
milestones: she rolls over all the time- and rolled over once from her back to her tummy, she belly laughs at me, and she has really strong legs and can stand up!