Thursday, July 30, 2015

Time & Blessings.

I occasionally at night i will wake up- alone. lexa & trey will be knocked out and i just think about how much i hate time. it goes by way too fast for my liking and sometimes there just isn't enough of it. 

( i love to take pictures of them sleeping...creeper.)

example one. my daughter is now  2 months old ( and some change ) HOW HOW HOW did this even happen? i literally feel like she was just born, like we just got home from the hospital. and everyday passes so fast and she just keeps getting bigger and cuter- even tho i ask her to stay little forever. 

example two. trey and i have somehow been married for a year (and a month). once again i feel like we just got married- then i am quickly reminded that its been a while longer than just a few months considering that we now have a cute baby. haha

example three. i started working again and now i just feel like there isnt enough time in the day :( i wake up at 6:30. get to work by 8. get home around 5:30 and then by the time i am home i have so many things i want to do- clean out lexas crib that is piled high with clothes, get rid of the bags of clothes from my closet that i cleaned out two weeks ago, cook dinner because i am starving, and clean off our table. but instead i sit and cuddle lexa, and chat with trey. the piled clothes dont matter all that much. lexa and trey need me more than the mess. 

it is easy to complain and think that things arent going the way you want them- but i kick myself in the butt and am reminded that I AM SO BLESSED. 

and occasionally, actually every single day i am reminded how extremely blessed i am. 

my daughter is perfect. my husband rocks. and i love my job. 

my life is so so good. 

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