Friday, August 14, 2015

Lexa [two month update]

im a real slacker when it comes to blogging. since i started back at work i just cant find the time to sit and blog because i'd rather cuddle my husband or snuggle my baby and that is perfectly fine. but i do want to document things- for myself and so here we go with a two month post about my perfect child! (even tho she is three months in one week)

weight: 12 lbs. 8 oz.

length:22 in.

clothes size:  0-3 month & 3 month. PJs are three months. 

hair: she is starting to have fuzz on top, she still has a mullet and it is liiiiiight brown on top and pretty dark in the back.

eyes:blue. much lighter than last month

sleeping:my baby loves her sleep. 10-6 or 7. working on her bed time being a little earlier. all she needs is a paci and a blanket RIGHT by her face and she will literally fall asleep within seconds. she is a total blanket baby. 

eating: she still eats great! she will let you know when shes hungry- thats about the only time she cries. 

this month: she has started to smile lots and tiny giggles are always coming out of her mouth. she tries to stand when we are holding her. squeals when she is frustrated. i went back to work and she does so good at home with her auntie madd. she copies when we say "OOOHHH" and is obsessed with her dad. she loves him the most. she has a total temper and will let you know when you arent doing something she needs. shes perfect! 

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