Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Lexa [5 month update]

heyyyyy. here we are. we made it to 6 months and now i can update about what she did as a little 5 month old. number one SHE IS THE BEST BABY EVER. she is so much fun and i love love love being a mom so much. i cant even explain it!

weight: 18 lbs. she is a tank. honestly my arms get tired all the time while im holding her. 
length: she didnt get measured at the last appointment we have but she is long. she has the longest legs and a long torso! 
hair: she has 8 hairs on the top that are beyond long. and the back is finally growing in after balding ! 
eyes: mostly blue and a little green in the middle! 
sleeping:she sleeps a lot better and still sleeps with her dumbo & paci. she likes it cold and cant sleep if it is too hot. 
eating: she is still nursing. it is a total accomplishment for both of us. pumping and nursing !! she gets distracted easily while eating if trey is in the room. daddy obsessed. 
milestones: she scoots around on her back. so cute. she can roll over both ways whenever she wants and will sit up if she isnt feeling lazy. she is starting to push herself around on her stomach. she also has TWO TEETH! 

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